Pump Repair

General Pump Company, Inc. is the only well and pump Service Company in Southern California that builds 100% of our bowl assemblies.

Well Rehab

When a well's specific capacity starts to drop, it could be a sign that the well is in need of rehabilitation.

New Installations

General Pump Company, Inc. employs only experienced engineers, project managers, and technical field personnel that offer customers...

Maintenance Contracts

General Pump Company, Inc. has been selected by over 60 cities in Southern California to maintain their well and pumping systems.

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General Pump Company, Inc. is a professional water well redevelopment and pump equipment contractor that engages in installing, repairing, and servicing commercial water pump facilities for cities, municipalities, water districts, agricultural, and industrial customers throughout Southern California and the Central Coast.


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BESST Inc. Testimonial for Creative and Efficient Solutions.

Jul 26, 2018

The accompanying letter describes how General Pump Company's Experience, History and Relationships withing the industry, in this case BESST, Inc., allows us to find, review and use the RIGHT INFORMATION, to then provide the right solution to correct seemingly invisible water well problems and do so in a way that is not just efficient but also budget conscious in terms of Time, Quality, Efficie ...


  • Kudos to the Design/Build Team for Booster 1A!

    Our SCE pump tester, tested the Booster 1A with results of 72% & 78% efficiency. He said that the site was phenomenal and that any results over 70% was amazing. He even took pictures of the site.

    Good job guys! I can't wait for our next project.

    - San Antonio Water Company

  • You guys are awesome, This is one of the smoothest projects – I’m so very happy I went to General Pump Company. I will highly recommend this operation to anybody that needs it.

    - San Gabriel Country Club

  • When the well started to have problems, the first thought was to call our usual well contract company. However, a review of that company’s safety performance indicated that they were not meeting Tesoro’s requirements. Procurement, Engineering and Safety worked to find General Pump, who has the best safety record among companies that to this type of work. While we were doing this, we were buying thousands of dollars’ worth of water from the City, instead of producing it from our well. But, finding a company that with a strong safety culture was worth the cost.

    - Tesoro Los Angeles Refinery