Well Rehab

When a well's specific capacity starts to drop, it could be a sign that the well is in need of rehabilitation. Ground water can be high in minerals and contain bacteria and after time, buildup can occur reducing the capacity and lowering the efficiency of the well. Screens, slots, louvers and formations can become clogged restricting the flow of water into the well and greatly lowering the capacity. It is very important to monitor the specific capacity of the well to recognize when a well may need some attention. By utilizing current data, past data and other methods such as downhole video logging, and geophysical logging, General Pump Company can determine the appropriate mechanical and chemical rehabilitation solutions to improve the capacity of the well and lower production costs. Here are some examples of rehabilitation options.

  • Brushing
  • Chemical
  • Air Burst
  • Sonar Jet
  • Dual Swab
  • Dual Swab Air Lifting
  • Bottom Air Lifting
  • Aqua Jet