Pump Repair

General Pump Company, Inc. is the only well and pump service company in Southern California that builds 100% of our bowl assemblies. This level of expertise along with our in-house machines allows us to supply or repair with a greater level of knowledge that your pump equipment will be reliable and efficient.

Our repair and fabrication facility maintains the most complete line of lathes, welding and custom machining tools.

General Pump Company, Inc. has an expansive repair and fabrication facility. This facility has proven to be invaluable over our 60 years of business, since many pump and motor repairs require a strong interface between machining, welding and electrical support in order to be completed. We have three major groups within our repair and fabrication facility that allow us to serve your needs in a variety of ways.

  • Fabrication and Machining: Including lathes, milling machines, grinders, balancing machines, flame welding, gas and electric welding, heli-arc, etc. We perform welding on steel, aluminium, brass, cast iron, resurfacing, and custom work. We repair all types of pumps by all manufacturers in our facility up to approximately 24-inch impeller diameter for single and multi-stage Horizontal Pumps and 30-inch diameter for Vertical Turbine Pumps.
  • Assembly: In general, the pumps we supply are designed and manufactured by General Pump Company at one of our Engineering Service Centers. Assembly of pumps assures the highest quality product, guaranteeing that it is built correctly and will meet the design criteria specified.
  • Field Services: This service has helped us establish ourselves as well and pump problem solvers since many operational problems can be traced to poor installation practices. Having the proper diagnostic equipment and knowing how to use it, distinguishes us as "The Leader in Well and Pump Services".
    • Precision Alignment - We have invested in the latest precision alignment technology and have established a growing list of customers who use us for these services.
    • Removal, Installation, Mechanical and Start-up - We perform field-testing, removal, installation and machining services to offer a turnkey pump service.
    • General Pump Company, Inc. also has Southern California’s largest custom Truck and Crane fleet, ensuring that we can diagnose, pull, transport and install your equipment in any environment may it be an agricultural field or a tight commercial yard.
    General Pump Company, Inc. provides you with highest quality workmanship to meet your water supply needs. Our highly skilled employees can also perform repairs on many types of well and booster pumps.

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