BESST Inc. Testimonial for Creative and Efficient Solutions.

  • Jul 26, 2018

The accompanying letter describes how General Pump Company's Experience, History and Relationships withing the industry, in this case BESST, Inc., allows us to find, review and use the RIGHT INFORMATION, to then provide the right solution to correct seemingly invisible water well problems and do so in a way that is not just efficient but also budget conscious in terms of Time, Quality, Efficiency and Longevity of each project.


Water Well Journal 's August 2015 online issue

  • Aug 01, 2015

“General Pump successfully installs the first glass bead filter pack and liner for the City of Goleta (magazine cover).  The results of the glass bead and stainless steel wire wrap construction was amazing”  “This is the first of this type and there will be many more in the future” Now available: Water Well Journal 's August 2015 online issue Your print copy of the August 2015 issue of Water Well Journal® is on the way, but this digital edition is your sneak preview. Don't forget you can share this digital edition with friends and coworkers. You can also downl ...