Maintenance Contracts

General Pump Company, Inc. has been selected by over 62 cities in Southern California to maintain their well and pumping systems.  Additionally, General Pump Company, Inc. is the primary contractor or sole-source contractor for 8 private utilities and water districts.  Most of these are multi-year contracts having been renewed several times over. Award of an Annual Contract is a great honor and to have an Annual Contract renewed year after year is the greatest complement to a service company.  It proves that the contractor has met or exceeded the customers’ set goals and expectations. In our field this means that our clients trust us to prolong the life of their equipment, minimize outages, and minimize needless costs.

Why maintenance contracts work;

Maintenance contracts allows minor problems to be caught before they spread to other associated mechanics of a pump causing more serious issues or even causing major outages and extreme avoidable expense including entire pump replacements instead of a simple repair.

Having a history or baseline performance of a pump allows General Pump Company to predict and act accordingly to various likely failures based on factors such as water flow, water level, mineral content and many other performance factors. This in turn allows for scheduled repairs vs. surprise outages.

Routine maintenance can increase the life expectancy of a motor, by catching minor problems that many times go unnoticed. As with any problem, the longer an issue is not seen, the bigger a problem may become. Visual inspections are not enough, by the time a vibration starts for example, a failing bearing could have already affected pipe seals or a bowl assembly.