Field Services

General Pump Company, Inc. has field service technicians and crews that are the frontline in the field using knowledge, key equipment and techniques to provide accurate and timely analyses of well and pump problems.

Whatever the difficulty, General Pump Company will find a solution and solve the problem. Our field service technicians and crews, Engineering, and Support Staff, have decades of experience in solving all aspects of water well and pump equipment, booster pump and system problems. General Pump may use the following Field Support Services to evaluate your operation and equipment challenges.

Field Support Services

  • Periodic and Scheduled Maintenance
  • System and Equipment Evaluation and Improvements
  • Pump Equipment Evaluations and Troubleshooting
  • Motor and Panel Evaluations and Troubleshooting
  • Booster Pump Evaluations and Troubleshooting
  • System Performance and Efficiency

Field Advanced Diagnostic Services

  • Downhole Video, DVD Recording, and Electronic Reports
  • Dynamic Videos and Testing
  • Wireline Services and Logging, and Interpretation
  • Dye Tracer, Spinner Logging and Zone Sampling
  • Mass Balance to Determine Zonal Contamination
  • Inflatable Packers
  • Hydraulic Performance Testing
  • Field Vibration Analyses
  • Field Motor Balance
  • Electrical Testing – ampmeters, ohmmeters, meggers